Brand regulatory compliance

The Regulation of Sabor a Málaga sets out the conditions of using the brand. This Regulation was published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Málaga on 6th May, 2014.

Object and owner

The brand ‘Sabor a Málaga’ joins together all agricultural, food and fish products grown, bred or produced in the province of Málaga. The brand also assembles food shops, restaurants and hotels that use these products.

Diputación de Málaga owns the brand ‘Sabor a Málaga’. This institution determines concession agreements through a control and monitoring process.

Who can join Sabor a Málaga?

Sabor a Málaga has three types of members:

  • Agricultural, food and fish products grown, bred or produced in the province of Málaga and that have, at least, a national or international quality certificate or any Designation of Origin.
  • Food establishments that offer, at least, five Sabor a Málaga products.
  • Restaurants and hotels that use, at least, five Sabor a Málaga products and that offer in their menus a minimum of one traditional dish from Málaga.

Procedure to become a member of Sabor a Málaga

The first step to join Sabor a Málaga is to apply and include all the documents writen in the 11 article of the Terms and conditions of the brand Sabor a Málaga (you can reed the entire Term and condition document at the end of this page).

After analysing the application, Sabor a Málaga will evaluate the acceptance and concession of the brand. All the documents will be studied to check that all the information is correct and, in the majority of cases, the staff of Sabor a Málaga will visit the facilities of the producer or the establishment. If there is a positive response, the applier will have a concession that will be valid for a period of three years and could be renewed after that time.

Sabor a Málaga has a monitoring committee that will check that the product and/or the establishment meets the requirements established after the concession of the brand.


Every product or establishment that is a part of Sabor a Málaga will have some obligations. The most important ones are as follow:

  • Facilitate the access to the facilities to the control technicians for the monitoring process.
  • Be available for Sabor a Málaga to join events and fairs.
  • Meet the requirements and sign the aceptance agreement of the general conditions of the brand.
  • Contribute to the brand disclosure and promotion and ensure its good reputation.
  • Place the Sabor a Málaga identification plate in the main door or access to the facilities.


The owner of ‘Sabor a Málaga’, Diputación de Málaga, is the only valid institution that can creat advertising and promotion campaigns.

Responsabilities and penalties

La persona física o jurídica autorizada para usar

The natural and legal person authorized to use the ‘Sabor a Málaga’ brand will be the only responsible for any fault in their products or irregular presentation of their services and facilities.

In case of violating the Regulation and its conditions, the authorization to use the Sabor a Málaga brand will immediately be withdrawn.

Entire Regulation

You can reed the Concession regulation of Sabor a Málaga that was published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Málaga in the following link.

Download PDF


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