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Bodegas Morosanto

Bodega donde se unen el turismo activo, la historia y el enoturismo en Ronda, usted podrá disfrutar y aprender de las riquezas de Bodegas Morosanto. Pasee entre las vides, aprendiendo la evolución de la uva año tras año, visite la preciosa casa done se da cobijo a las uvas, para convertirlas en los mejores caldos, […]


Productor y distribuidor de productos certificados ecológicos: preparados de miel, plantas, tisanas o muesli.


Empresa familiar, ubicada desde hace más de 40 años en la comarca de Antequera, dedicada a la fabricación y envasado de aceituna de mesa y encurtidos.

Señorío de Alimanes

Extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, made with homegrown olives in Villanueva del Rosario (Málaga) and obtained by mechanical cold processes. Very soft and slightly fruity flavors.  



ACEITUNA VERDE S.L. es una empresa malagueña ubicada en el término municipal de Campillos. Fue creada en 2007 con empreño por sus propietarios de dar salida a sus inquietudes sobre el aceite malagueño y la aceituna de mesa.

Gotas de Gloria

Gotas de Gloria

Family business dedicated to the production, packaging and distribution of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cold extraction and without filtering.


Aceituna Verde S.L, es una empresa malagueña ubicada en el termino municipal de Campillos. Fue creada en 2007 con empeño por sus propietarios de dar salida a sus inquietudes sobre el aceite malagueño y la aceituna de mesa

Carnicería El Perdi

Butcher’s that produces artisanal Iberian meat products using their own livestock.


Puente Nuevo

In order to craft artisanal beer, Puente Nuevo take the following steps: They try to work with stock 0. Therefore, they buy raw materials to the supplier and they send them the necessary amount. They must have paid entirely the last check in order to be able to work like this. They control and taste […]

Quesos Hortelana

Quesos La Hortelana

Dairy product transformation and production.

Cítrica de Pizarra

Cítrica de Pizarra

Citric and other fruit farm with organic certification. They also manufacture natural cosmetic products.


Cervezas Victoria

Crafting and sale of beer, made with malt and its products.


Cerveza San Miguel

About San Miguel San Miguel was founded in Manila in 1890, in a cross of cultures, civilizations, innovations, life styles and different ways of understanding the world. That moment would determine the future of a brand that is now availiable in more than 40 countries. They have a wide variety of national beers and some […]

Tortas Carmen Lupiañez

This company is a result of constant and daily effort to make exhaustive controls during the production process and giving their most attention to offering an artisanal product made with high quality raw materials (extra virgin olive oil of the Hojiblanca fruity variety, flour, sugar, almonds, green aniseeds, cinnamon…). They produce natural products with no […]


Frutas Montosa

Montosa was created in 1982 and is located in the heart of Axarquía with 15.000 m2 of land. Three areas of expertise: fresh, process and the office, where they finish contening their products with the world. They are more htan 400 people connected by a passion: to innovate in order to obtain the best avocado […]

vino tinto

Bodegas Almijara

Bodegas Almijara, located in the village of Cómpeta, is a family company that joins tradition and innovation and uses the local raw material grape of the variety Muscat of Alexandria, which makes it possible to obtain special and unique juices. Their product range includes Vinos Jarel, both dry and fruity, as well as naturally sweet […]

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Bodega Vetas

An small winery located in Arriate with a 2 hectare vineyard. They breed two high quality red wines, Vetas Selección and Vetas Petit Verdot, this later been considered the best petit verdot in Spain. They are aged wines with a lot of persolanity and awarded with several national and international prizes.

Piquitos San Roque

Once the mollete was settled as the main product of this company, it diversified with the production to different formats of mollete and later, breadsticks. Due to the big demand and liking of breadsticks, in 2006, the Piquitos San Roque company was created to ensure breadstick production in their new facilities.

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Bodega Fernández Bolet

Company founded in 2012 that elaborates, breeds and bottles quality wines in Ronda, using grapes from Sierra de Málaga.


Flor Bermeja

They produce artisanal goat cheese from Málaga.

Nueces Ecológicas de la Serranía de Ronda

Farming exploitation that grows organic walnut tree of the Harley variety. They sell walnuts in 20, 10, 7’5 and 3 kg bags. They have the organic and Sabor a Málaga stamp.  

Harinas la Fuensanta

Organic and traditional flour production. Artisanal grinding in stone mills.


Subtropical fruit producers and distributors.


Production and distribution of their own brand.

El Reloj

They import, produce, pack and store spices, condiments, teas, air-fresheners, saffron, nuts, flowers and medicinal plants.

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Winery that produces wine and organises wine tourism activities with guided tours to the wine cellar, CIVIMA (Viñas de Manilva Interpretation Centre) and vineyard.


Company that produces quality meat products and curings, using raw materials from Málaga.


They produce and distribute meat products, looking for the right balance between the meat tradition in their region (the typical products are chorizos, black pudding, morcones, salchichones, etc.) and the products that differenciate them: their wide range of artisanal hams and pâtés.

Apícola Milosi

Family company with over 20 years of experience in the beekeeping industry. Since 12 years ago, they offer their costumers everything related to bees, with the greatest guarantee and quality, thanks to their continous innovation. They produce and pack their own product, regional and local honey, in different types and sizes and then distributes it.

El Pan de la Curruca

Artisanal baker’s founded in 1820. They make bread and artisanal sweets with no aditives or flavour enhancers, made by hand and in a wood oven.