Aceite de Ardales is manufactured by the Bravo family, a family from Ardales; generations living among the olive trees of the region of Guadalteba, appreciating its fruits, feeling the rhythm that the change of seasons mark and the work of the fields, the care of the olive trees and the harvest of the olives. Obtaining a good extra virgin olive oil starts with an excelent raw material, a respectful work and honesty with the times and processes, without adding anything that does not come from nature.

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Brands, products and services they offer

Bravoliva S.L. manufactures and distributes extra virgin olive oil under the brand “Aceites de Ardales”.

Aceites de Ardales has a distinguishable personality. It stands out by its green-golden colour and, when it comes to flavour, they stand out by the tight combination of olives and the fruity strong taste of the hojiblanca, softend by the manzanilla and the picuda.

The palate tastes evert flavour that an exquisite oil offers: sweet entrance, slight bitterness and light spiciness, typical of the apple, the leaves of the olive, the almond and ripe fruits.

The different sizes that Aceites de Ardales offers its products are the following:

250 and 500 ml and 1 and 2 litres of extra virgin olive oil PET bottle.

200 and 500 ml extra virgin olive oil can.

200 and 500 ml extra virgin olive oil white Dórica design glass bottle

Who makes them

Bravoliva, el zumo de las aceitunas de Ardales

En sus 100 hectáreas de olivar la familia Bravo Caravante cosecha y produce en Ardales  su propio aceite virgen extra, uno de los mejores de la provincia malagueña, con un estricto compromiso por la calidad y…