This company is relatively young since it started only 4 years ago. Three young sibligs started to work in this interesting project, different from the norm around them. They decided to step out of the box and find something that would fit their food habits. In their beginnings, the dulce de leche was starting to get popular and to be distributed to a lot of establishments, catching the public’s interest.

They soon realised this imported product (it is original from Argentina) had quite a peculiar flavour they liked but had some hesitations about. The problem was that it was too sweet, so Europeans only ate a spoonful of it.

They thought that if they created that dulce de leche but with a softer and lighter flavour, it would be a great success. Therefore, they travelled to Argentina (home of the dulce de leche) and decided to buy all the machinery necessary to make this delicious product in Alhaurín El Grande (Málaga). After some time and several tries, they finally got what they were looking for: a high quality product that was suitable for the palate of Europeans, with an excellent shine-colour combination, an explotion of flauvour and a not cloying flavour.

It is the only factory of this product in Spain.

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30 gr, 450 gr, 900 gr, 1 kg, 5 kg and industrial size.

Varieties and textures:

Natural/Family: shiny and with a soft taste. It can be used for multiple things and it is normally eaten spred onto bread, waffles, crepes, as cake frosting and ice cream decoration.

Bakery/Pastry: thicker and darker. It is used in professional and amateur baking.

Icre cream: used in ice cream shops to prepare Dulce de leche ice cream. It looks similar to natural dulce de leche but its colour is darker and its flavour is intense and strong.

Alfajor: used mostly as a filling for sweets with a big amout of dulce de leche, such as alfajores and cañones, since this dulce de leche is very concentrated and it is strong but softer in mouths.


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