In order to craft artisanal beer, Puente Nuevo take the following steps:

They try to work with stock 0. Therefore, they buy raw materials to the supplier and they send them the necessary amount. They must have paid entirely the last check in order to be able to work like this.

They control and taste the water before crafting the beer. All of the equipment and deposits are washed before starting the process.

After this, they heat the water to make the infusion, then introduce the boiled malt in the macerator. Once everything is ready, they follow their recipe.

After 90 minutes macerating, they sustract the syrup and boil and add the different hops needed for an hour. They then use the interchanger to cool down the liquid and ferment the alcohol with yeast inoculation, decreasing latency time and contamination risk.

After they get the desired consistency, they transfer the liquid to a deposit and let it rest there before moving it to the bottle room. This transfer can be made by moving the deposit directly to the bottle room or through dietary pipes that connect both rooms. They add dextrose in this room to start the beer second fermeting process inside the bottle while they prepare it for the sale (label, box, etc.).

All of their products are organic.

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Brands, products and services they offer

Puente Nuevo beer, in different styles of Ale and organic beer.

They also organise beer tasting and events.



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