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In Malaga there is an important production of honey. In practically each region there are companies dedicated to this beekeeping sector, although the case of Colmenar stands out, which even has a Honey Museum. In addition to the milflores honeys, others that are monovarietal are also made, such as avocado, rosemary, thyme, orange blossom, chestnut […]

Table Olives

The olive is an essential part of Mediterranean gastronomy and its culture. Traditionally it is consumed ground in oil or fresh and dressed, although currently there are other forms such as pâté or jams. The dressing of olives is an art that is transmitted from generation to generation and that adapts to the type of […]

Salt, spices and other seasonings

Spices play a big role in gastronomy since they can turn a simple and bland dish into a delicious and rich dish. Their smells and flavours carry unique sensations. They have the power to take you to other countries without leaving your house, since the cuisine for every region is characterised for their use of […]

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche, originally from Argetinian cuisine, is now known and consummed throughout the whole world. The traditional sweet is made with cow milk but can also be made with goat milk (although it is not an usual variety). In fact, each variety is different from the previous one due to their elaboration, texture and […]


Preserves and jams

The fruit and vegetable variety of the province of Malaga is seen not only in its fields but also in the wide range of Malaga preserves and jams currently in the market. Dozens of flavour preserves are produced today traditionally to be marketed both inside and outside the province. Currently, there are three major companies […]

Caviar Caracol

Snails and Caviar

The Roman Empire left a lasting legacy in the Mediterranean culture and in its gastronomy. And we should thank them for one of the most exquisite and revered delicacies that exist in the Spanish cookbook: snails. Its firm and lean meat can be eaten in many ways: with sauces, soup or even paella. The variety […]


Suckling Goat

The province of Malaga can boast of having one of the most important Spanish indigenous breed of goats in the world: the Malaga goat. This variety has many attributes. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most valued in the country for its milk production and the quality of Malaga’s suckling goat. This breed has […]


Designation of Origin Raisins

DO Málaga Raisins are an exclusive product of the province and more specifically from the region of the Axarquía and the Costa del Sol municipality of Manilva. It is an ancestral product made from Muscatel grape. These, after being traditionally harvested, are dried in the sun with a natural tradition. This natural process of transformation […]


Wines with Malaga Designation of Origin

Malaga has been a land of wine for centuries. In almost all regions there important oenological references, whether for Sweet, White, Red, Rose or even sparkling ones. Many of these wines are included within the two existing designations of origin. Malaga Designation of Origin, one of the oldest in Europe, originated in 1833. It was […]

Helados artesanos

Artisan Ice Cream

Texture, creaminess and flavour are elements that differentiate artisan ice creams from industrial ones. The artisan ice cream of Malaga is made with raw ingredients and no flavourings, preservatives and artificial colouring. The choice of ingredients is one of the key factors. When it comes to making ice cream from fruit, ripe pieces are ideal. […]


The almond

The almond is the main dry fruit grown in the province of Malaga, where its cultivation today accounts for more than 16,000 hectares with production of around 4,000 tons each season. In Malaga, the predominant varieties are Marcona, the Largueta and the Comuna, although in recent years the Guara also has been introduced. Of all […]


Extra virgin olive oil

The province of Malaga, which currently has 100,000 hectares of olive groves, has excelled in recent years in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), which has been awarded various national and international prizes. Currently, some of that production is protected under the Antequera oil Designation of Origin. There are different varieties, […]

Soups and porras

Gazpacho and porra antequerana might be one of the most traditional dishes in our province. They use local ingredients to make them, such as tomato, pepper, olive oil, garlic, ham and egg, although the recipes can vary depending on the village. As Fernando Rueda García states in his book La cocina popular de Málaga (The […]

Tortas locas

Cakes, locas, turrones and other sweets

Málaga is a sweet province. It is a land rich and diverse in pastries. The joy for traditional sweets made with unique and own recipes is common in Málaga. Each region and their different villages hide unique products that have become popular in the whole ocuntry. The cake from Málaga is one of the product […]


Crisps from Málaga are crunchy, salty and full of flavour snacks. They are also one of the most adictive products for the palate. You won’t be able to eat just one. In the fierce competitive environment of the big international brands, this snack is still produced as in old times: with love and in an […]

Flour, bread and artisanal pasta

The key to a good artisanal bread from Málaga lies in the process of elaboration and its ingredients. The manufacture of this type of bread is slower (it can take up to seven hours, whereas industrial bread takes a little bit over two hours to make) and no aditivies are added. According to artisanal experts, […]

Figs, dried figs, pajero figs and fig bread

When the sun giftes us with the last rays of summer, fig trees blossom with their fruit and full their branches with this valued product. The fig from Málaga is found in several varieties (dry, pajeros and fig bread) and has managed to root in Spanish gastronomy with these entirely made in Málaga products. The […]

almendras garrapiñadas

Sugared nuts

The smell of freshly made sugared nuts is atractive and appealing. You will know if there is a shop of sugared nuts in Málaga for their special smell. A smell that will seduce you, enchant your senses so you’re transported to the next stop that sells them. The sugared nuts from Málaga is a common […]


The smell of churros runs every morning through the streets of Mñalaga. This Spanish traditional product cannot be out of any coffee shop and churrerías. Specially during the months of winter, when a plate of churros with chocolate is the best option to fight the cold, whethere it is first thing in the morning, for […]


Juice takes fruit to our palate in a liquid form. Juices help detox and revitalize our body and is a complete drink that helps us on a daily basis. Juices from Málaga taste like Málaga, like its lands and its fruits, from Axarquía to Valle del Guadalhorce. Juices provide our body with easy absorption nutrients […]

Tortas de aceite

Oil cake

The unmistakable flavour of oil cakes from Málaga has been enjoyed for generations in breakfasts and as a snack. A sweet and oily flavour. A crunchy bite. There is a different recipe in every area of the province, but the name of the sweet is different. Olive oil is the ingredient that names it and […]

Vegetables and edible flowers

When speaking about organic products, Andalucía is one of the leaders on the international market. 50% of the national production is concentrated just in Andalucía. In Málaga, the most important areas of plantation are located in Axarquía, Sierra de Ronda, Antequera and Valle del Guadalhorce. The garden from Málaga is rich in sweet potatoes, courgettes, […]

Apples from Ronda

Apples from Ronda

Apples from Ronda are a natural fruit from Valle del Guadalcobacín. It is a fruit that has survived to every plague and the introduction of more commercial trees. It is a fruit that tastes like Ronda and is a part of its history and culture. The apple from Ronda is a variety of the apple […]

Nueces pecanas

Pecans and other nuts

Pecans are a variety of nuts that come from hickory (Carya illinoinensis). This product is not what we normally think when we talk about walnuts: it is longer and its sehll is smooth and soft, similar to the shell of acorns. This inner part of a pecan is very similar to traditional walnuts, although there […]


Molletes from Málaga has traditionally been associated with Antequera. It was in the city where Torcal is located where a reference, back to the year 1775, appears in which the permition to manufacture this type of bread was given to Manuel Esbrí. This document also included the price—which was higher than regular bread— for the […]

Mantecados, polvorones and roscos de vino

Speaking of mantecados and polvorones is to speak about Christmas. This product is really connected to this special time of the year. Mantecados and polvorones are sweets that were present in every table: a delicacy for every one, regardless of their social class. Mantecados are original from Andalucía and their main ingredient is lard. In […]

La Marca

Lemons, oranges and mandarines

The production of citrics in the province of Málaga takes place mostly in Valle del Guadalhorce. There are more than 10.000 hectares where lemons, oranges and tangarines from Málaga are grown. Among all of this production, the most important one are lemons, that constitute 50% of the total citric sales in the province and, during […]


Eggs are a verstile product in the kitchen and they pay an important role in a balanced diet. This animal product has high nutritional values, high content of proteins, minerales, essential aminoacids and fatty acids. There are many egg varieties in the market. The most usual ones are hens’ eggs. One of the main differences […]


The consumption of spirits is traditionally linked to celebrations. To meeting with friends and family. To special occasions. But there are flavours and artisanal drinks in Málaga that are enjoyed during the whole year. One of the artisanal liqueurs from Málaga is the ‘resoli’. This drink has a slight note of anisette and coffee. It […]