Detox and revitalizing fruit juice

Juice takes fruit to our palate in a liquid form. Juices help detox and revitalize our body and is a complete drink that helps us on a daily basis. Juices from Málaga taste like Málaga, like its lands and its fruits, from Axarquía to Valle del Guadalhorce. Juices provide our body with easy absorption nutrients and maintain the nutritional values and qualities of the fruit they are made with.

They are, therefore, source of vitamins, potasium, carbohidrates and mineral salts. Each juice, depending of its flavours and ingredients, will have different health benefits. Orange juices, for example, have a high content of vitamin C, useful to fight defences. Banana juice, however, has a high content of potatium, which is recommended to activate cell functioning and reduce muscle fatigue.

Subtropical fruit, now also in juices

Traditionally, there have been some flavours that are common to juices from Málaga: orange juice, peach juice and pineapple juice. There are also other flavours that allow us to enjoy the delicacy of fruit flavour in liquid form: strawberry, grape, watermelon, melon, tomato, pear, apple… But if there are flavours that have become famous during the last years, those are subtropical fruit flavours. Subtropical fruit in Málaga are mostly grown in the region of Axarquía.

The main fruits are mangos, avocados and custard apples. Now these fruits can also be enjoyed in the form of mango juice, avocado and cinnamon juice and custard apple juice. Málaga has been the first province to distribute prickly pear juice, a fruit with great richness of healthy fibres that help prevent diabetes, cholesterol and protect gastric mucosa. Prickly pear juice is also recommended for sporty people because it has a high content of protein. The production of this product was encouraged by Sabor a Málaga so as to promote the flavours of Axarquía.

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We can find natural juice and packed juice in the market. Natural juice have more vitamin and mineral content, while packed juice are a greater source of sugars and calories. This does not mean that packed juices are not natural, but they lose a percentage of nutrients and qualities during the elaboration process. The main advantage is that they stay fresh for longer.

Smokers and people who are trying to quit smoking should drink juice. Fruit juices are important, but vegetable juices are too, since they have a high level of antioxidants and tobacco works oxidizing our body. The lack of antioxidants in our body can also increase cholesterol levels. Taking vitamin C, present in fruit and vegetables, is essential to fight this.

Juice colour shows its health benefits and qualities. Red fruits (plums, cherries, bluberries, tomato, watermelon…) are normally rich in antioxidants and benefitial to keep blood pressure levels and reduce the signs of aging. Green juices (vegetables, apples, pears…) are good for a good functioning of the immune system. Last, yellow juices (pineapple, banana and lemon) provide our body with high levels of potasium that help to improve the overall physicall health and body energy.