Company founded in 1987. They are specialised in family events, company events and group personalised gastronomic experiences. It is located in an olive land in the province of Málaga and it has different halls, gardens, fountians, children parks and a big parking facility.

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Brands, products and services they offer

Haciendo Los Conejitos has always believed in local products and, thanks to the project “Sabor a Málaga” and with the introduction of new products and brands in the market in Málaga, they have expanded their product range in events, restaurants and gastronomic experiences. All of them are focused on “Sabor a Málaga” products.

Their cuisine is mainly based in traditional dishes with innovative tones but without losing its origin, using products from the gardens in Guadalhorce, cheese, meat products, suckling lamb from Málaga, honey, oils, Aloreña olives, jams and a wide variety of wines and sparkling wines from different wineries in Málaga.

They also have cabinets to display and sell their products directly to their clients so they can enjoy them at home.

Inside this olive tree land, they have created an space called “Guadalhorce Arboretum”: a route where you can see the wide variety of local trees in the province, such as vineyard, grapevines, almond trees, citric trees, Manzanilla Aloreña olive trees, Hojiblanca olive tree, wild olive tree, pomegranade tree, blackberry tree and many aromatic plants.

 Sabor a Málaga products

Suckling lamb from Málaga from “Los productos de la Cabra Malagueña”.

Bread from “El Mimbre”.

Honey from “Miel la Molina” in Álora.

Oils from “Manzanillas Aloreña S.C.A.O.”

Jam from “Mango Málaga”.

Cheese from “El Llano Jaral” in Álora.

Meat products from “Carnicería Pepi” in Álora.

Wines from “Bodega Pérez Hidalgo”.

Wines from “Bodega Sánchez Rosado”.

Wines from “Bodega Tierras de Mollina”.

Wines from “Bodega Chinchilla”.

Wines from “Bodega Dimobe”.

Wines from “Bodega Cortijo la Fuente”.

Wines from “Bodega Morosanto”.

Wines from “Bodega Joaquín Fernández”.

Wines from “Bodega Descalzos Viejos”.

Sabor a Málaga dishes

Perotas soup

Perotas soup croquettes

Goat cheese croquettes

Pickled fresh anchoives

Guadalhorce salad

Porra Antequerana.

Cod loin with tomatoes from Guadalhorce

Pork Pedro Ximenez medallions

Rosemary honey steak medallions

Moroccan style suckling lamb from Málaga

Grilled suckling lamb leg from Málaga

Goat milk ice cream from Málaga

Cheesecake with mango jam from Axarquía

Fried milk with cinnamon and orange ice cream from Guadalhorce


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