A province rich and diverse in pastries

Málaga is a sweet province. It is a land rich and diverse in pastries. The joy for traditional sweets made with unique and own recipes is common in Málaga. Each region and their different villages hide unique products that have become popular in the whole ocuntry. The cake from Málaga is one of the product with more varieties. From Algarrobo cakes to Vélez cakes, each village creates cakes with different aspect and flavour. Both Algarrobo and Vélez cakes, as well as Ramos cakes, are famous oil cakes in Málaga: crunchy sweets made with olive oi. In Cómpeta, located in the heart of Axarquía, you can also enjoy this varieties of delicious sweets.

Algarrobo cakes look like biscuits but are bigger and have a sugary tast, while Ramos cakes are thin and slightly bigger. Vélez-Málaga cakes are bigger and they are normally covered with almonds.

Tortas locas

‘Locas’ are another variety of cakes from Málaga. They are peculiar, big and flavourful. They are made out of two pieces of puff pastry, one on top and one at the bottom. They are filled with custard and they are covered with egg yolk icing and a cherry. A delicacy for senses that will literally turn your palate crazy once you try a bite.

Other sweets from Málaga

In Málaga, each season comes with a seasonal sweet. Roscos, borrachuelos, pestiños and torrijas are usually eaten in Holy Week. On the other hand, mantecados and polvores are a Christmas traditionl. The city of Antequera is one of the most important producer of this sweet in Spain.

Eating turrón from Málaga is also a Christmas tradition. The main baker’s of the province are innovating with thits sweet and they are offering new flavours based in mixing flavours from different products of the region. However, there are other sweets that can be enjoyed during the whole year, such as roscos de vino (white rings made with wine and covered with powdered sugar), oil buns from Málaga (round, squared or triangular shaped, but always with a spongy texture), fig bread or ‘peritos’ from Ronda.

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Turrón has won its place in the main baker’s in Málaga, although it has never been a traditional product made in the province. However, there are now new flavours of turrón. For example, now it is possible to taste Algarrobo cake flavoured turrón or mango from Axarquía flavoured turrón, which are exclusive flavours that can only be tasted in the province.

Some sweets like Algarrobo cakes, Vélez cakes, locas, roscos de vino, fig bread or ‘peritos’ from Ronda are exclusive ‘made in Málaga’ products. Their recipes were created and inheritaged from ancient generations of bakers. Most of them are nationally famous and are very demanded by tourists and visitors who come to Málaga willing to enjoy local producrs. Others, such as oil cakes, are more common in countries in America.

Many traditional sweets are enjoyed during Holy Week. During periods of fasting and abstinence, eating certain types of sweets made out of eggs, milk or flour was allowed. Many workers that had to face long and intense working hours ate these products as enegy intake in order to be able to handle the rest of the day.