A crunchy and salty snack made with the best of the garden

Crisps from Málaga are crunchy, salty and full of flavour snacks. They are also one of the most adictive products for the palate. You won’t be able to eat just one. In the fierce competitive environment of the big international brands, this snack is still produced as in old times: with love and in an artisanal way. Crisps from Málaga are made from a selection from the best products of the garden. Only the best potatoes are used to make crisps.

One of the keys is the choice of oil. Crisps are fried with high oleic sunflower oil, wich preserves its qualities better than regular sunflower oil and has a high index of omega 9 acids. In some cases, they are fried in olive oil. The salt content is also a factor that gives each potato the right flavour.

Careful elaboration

The process of elaborating crisps in Málaga has a lot of details. The first step is to choose the best potatoes and then peel them. The peeling is made using an automatic peeler but they are later checked one by one to see if there is any piece of skin or dirt left. Once they are peeled, a machine cuts them. This grading machine makes all of the slices the same saze and thickness so they are fried equally. The frying process is also crucial: they all must have the same texture and be as crunchy as the rest.

The majority of producers use a metalic pot for this step. Now is the time to season them and cold them down.

Other flavours

Crisps made with sunflower oil and salt is the most common flavour of crisps in Málaga. However, they are other varieties that have different characteristics. One of the most common one is the crisp with salt and parsley, made with little bits of this plant that gives them the special aroma. But this is not the only flavour: there are also onion, ham, garlic or vinaigrette crisps.

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High oleic sunflower oil is used to fry the traditional crisps from Málaga. This oil preserves its qualities better than traditional sunflower oil. It is also rich in omega 9. Among other qualities, this fat help decrease hypertension and is benefitial for people suffering from heart diseases and cholesterol. It is also helpful to lower the risk of suffering from arthritis and to generate a growth and strenghtening of the immune system.

Crisps producers in Málaga are constantly renovating their recipes. Crisps fried with oil and salt are the classic ones and the most consummed in our country, although that is not the case in the international market. British people, for example, don’t like that flavour. They prefer more original flavours such as bacon and cheese crisps, cheese and onion crisps or chicken flavoured crisps.

Snack producers are used to make crisps in Málaga. However, there are other varieties that are also popular and very demanded in the market. Some of them are wheat rinds (thicker and harder than regular crisps), dehydrated crisps (considered ‘fat free crisps’ because their fat content is lower) or snack mixes, made with different varieties of snacks.