Chorizo, black pudding and other meat products with centuries of tradition

there is an important pigmeat tradition. In different regions in Málaga we can find villages that have become leaders of meat product manufacture, such as chorizos, black pudding, sausages, loin in lard or morcón. Amont these villages, Benaoján is specially important, since it has been linked to the pigmeat tradition for a century and has had almost thirty factories. Nowaydays there are less establishments but the remaining ones opt more for quality.

A wide range of pigmeat products can be tasted and bought in this village, such as chorizo, black pudding, sausages or morcón, among others. In Alta Axarquía, the village of Colmenar stands out because it holds important pigmeat companies that produce not only pigmeat but also meat products such as pâtés, meat sausages and zurrapas. Besides these two villages, others where pigmeat establishments are important in the manufacture of meat products from Málaga are Riogordo, Cártama, Yunquera, Algatocín, Benarrabá, Cortes de la Frontera, Ardales, Campillos or Cañete La Real, among others. There are currently important dates and celebrations related to meat products in Málaga.

These celebrations take places during the months of pig slaughters. Among other regions, the most important ones are located in Valle del Guadalteba and Serranía de Ronda, where pigs are even raised. In the village of Benaoján, for example, the Feria de la Chacina (Pork fair) is celebrated in the beginning of December. A few days later, on the second Sunday of December in Colmenar, the Fiesta del Mosto y la Chacina (Must and Pork celebration) takes place every year. Lastly, in the second half of February, the oldest celebration of these gastronomical events takes place in Ardales: the Fiesta de la Matanza (Slaughter celebration). Not far from this village, in Capillos, they celebrate during the month of November, the ‘Feria del Jamón y de los Productos Derivados del Cerdo’ (Ham and pig product fair), a big theme market that celebrates pigmeat production.

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Nowadays, the manufacture of meat products is widely spread throughout the province. Among other regions, the most importa ones are located in Valle del Guadalteba and Serranía de Ronda, where they even raise pigs. Campillos is in a different situation, since it has become one of the Spanish regions where there are more white pigs. In Alta Axarquía, the cases of Riogordo and Colmenar, specially this later village, are also important.

Pigmeat products have some benefits to our health. In fact, they are a great source of high biological value protein, that is, it has amino acids. Moreover, its fats, taken in moderation, can be an important source of basic nutrients, such as fat-soluble vitams like vitamin A, D, E and K. If meat products are made with pure Iberian pork, they add other healthy benefits, like the high content of oleic acid that helps to fight and prevent illnesses like cholesterol.

Among the wide range of meat products available in the province of Málaga, we should differentiate between products made with Iberian pork and the ones made with white pork. The first ones are mnore common in mountainous villages like Benarrabá, Faraján, Algatocín, Pujerra, Yunquera or Cortes de la Frontera. But it should be noted that there is a difference in flavour and price in the products labeled as pure Iberian and the rest. White pork is more common in villages like Colmenar or Ardales, among others.