A natural product with health benefits

The singular orography of the province of Málaga, where there are kilometres of coastline and mountainous landscapes that rise until 2.000 metres, originates several products native to mother nature. One of the clearest example of food that get to the consumer’s palate with barely any modification is mineral water. There are two big mineral water springs in the province: one is located in the village of Casarabonela and the other in Sierra de Mijas. The water from Mijas shows that magical duality that exists in Malaga, where it is possible to obtain natural products more than 1.000 metres above sea level just a few kilometres away from Costa del Sol.

The spring

La Erminitica, located in Sierra de Miejas, is the southernest mineral water spring in Europe and the last natural legacy of the old continent. The water hides more than 180 metres deep and its temperature is lower than 17 ºC during the whole year. The village of Casarabonela, located in Sierra de las Nieves, holds another big mineral water spring. This one has the priviledge of being the oldest spring in the province and of carrying the water of some of the highest peaks in Málaga, like the peak Torrecilla (1.919 metres).

The process of formation

Mineral water is a product created by nature that barely suffers any modificiation until reacingh the consumer. The water of the springs in Malaga starts its formation process with the rain. The water that falls from the clouds towards the highest areas of the province leaks slowly into the land to travel for a long path under the ground until being acumulated in a spring. During this path through the subsoil and once the water is stagnant in the underground spring, the water strarys to acquire and nourish from the qualities of the minerals found in nature.

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Mineral water provides important benefits to humans, although it must be noted that every spring has different qualities. Natural water with low mineralisation is benefitial because it has a diuretic effect and a low level of sodium, which is positive for people suffering from hypertension. Its use is also recommended for childreb. However, water with high index of calcium helps to strengthen bone mass; water with higher quantity of sulphates is benefitial of the skin; and water with magnesium has a higher energy charge than the rest.

Mineral water is one of the food products that goes through more control. The objective is to ensure that it stays pure and intact from the moment it is collected in the spring until it reaches, bottled, the consumer. Its origen comes from deeply hidden springs where the liquid stays for the whole year in low temperatures and isolated from external contamination. Thanks to these external and coldness isolation, water is kept away from possible infections and harmful organisms to humans. Once it is bottled, it preserves all its mineral qualities.

Mineral water soaks with subterranean rocks qualities that it finds during its travel and, therefore, depending on its origin, the water has an specific composition. There are a lot of mineral water varieties: from very low mineralisation to water with high index of calcium, sodium, magnesium or fluoride. The water that comes from Sierra de Mijas, for example, has high levels of bicarbonates and calcium, while the levels of sodium are slightly lower.