Part of the essence of the Mediterranean cuisine

Spices play a big role in gastronomy since they can turn a simple and bland dish into a delicious and rich dish. Their smells and flavours carry unique sensations. They have the power to take you to other countries without leaving your house, since the cuisine for every region is characterised for their use of spices. Every seasoning has a history and an origin, but now are a part of all cuisines and can be purchased everywhere, unlike in the past, where they were exclusive and only available for priviledge people.

We can distinguish between two groups: spices that modify the flavour and the look of food, such as safron, cinnamon or rosemary; and aphrosidisac spices like sweet pepper and nut meg. Each of them has their own qualities, some are edibles and other have great health benefints. Learning how to use and combine them with different foods is a true art.

The traditional most used spices in the Spanish Mediterranea cuisine are: sweet pepper, parsley, oregano, rosemary and thyme.

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