Drinks with personality for special occasions

The consumption of spirits is traditionally linked to celebrations. To meeting with friends and family. To special occasions. But there are flavours and artisanal drinks in Málaga that are enjoyed during the whole year. One of the artisanal liqueurs from Málaga is the ‘resoli’. This drink has a slight note of anisette and coffee. It is normally drunk in Málaga by itself or with ice after meals as to help digest food.

Altough it is a drink consummed during the whole year, it is specially popular with handmade sweets during Christmas or Holy Week. The village of Alfarnate is know for the artisanal craft and manufacturing this drink with no artificitial additives. Among the most used ingredients we can find anise, coffee, spices like cinnamon, clove or nuts and citrics like lemon or orange zest. The ‘mistela’ is another popular spirit drink in Málaga. In some places, it is as equally important as the resoli. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are two totally different spirits. Traditionally, mistela has been a sweet liqueur made with alcohol and grape must. However, the variety of mistela from Málaga is made with brandy, sugar and an a spice and aromatic plant infusion. The recipe of mistela is an unsual one.

Every village and every family in Málaga make it differently, using different ingredients and in different proportions. In Arriate, for example, it is common to make mistela with spices and caramel but with no alcohol at all, so this drink can be consummed by every one. As with resoli, mistela is very frequently drunk in Holy Week or Christmas to help digest food and with handmade sweets and desserts.

Gin, the queen of spirits from Málaga

If there is a rooted ‘made in Málaga’ spirit, that is gin. Gin from Málaga has earned a place in gourmet marks thanks to premium brands. It is a drink with personality in which each flavour is special for every occasion. Gin from Málaga are 100% local products made mostly with local cereals and citrics grown in Axarquía.

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The introduction of gin as a premium drink has created new flavours and varieties. Depending on the ingredients, there are several types of gin families: floral, herbal, dry, clasic, fruity, spiced and citric. Each variety has unique characteristic. But the secret of all of them is in the quality of the cereal chosen for their manufacture, since this drink is made with the alcohol from fresh cereal in 96ºC. The quality of gin is also linked with the times it is distiled and the selection of ingredients used.

The resoli is a drink specially consummed during the months of autumn and winter. This liqueur is common in inland villages of the province so as to fight coldness. In fact, it is not a coincidence that the village that produces more resoli is the highest village in Málaga. The village is Alfarnate. Its streets are 900 metres above sea level and winters are cold due to it being surrounded by mountains.

In order to do mistela at home, the first thing you will need is to have some patience. The resting process must last 40 days. In each of those days, you will have to shake the container to boost the mixture of flavours. To make it, you will have to juice grapes and mix it with brandy (one third part of brandy for each two thirds of juice), sugar, ground coffee, a few coffee beans and cloves. After it has been resting for 40 days, you have to let the drink rest without shaking it for 72 hours and take the liqueur out with a tube to prevent dregs.