Although it was in 1967 when Manuel Roldán Campos founded the company Roldán Aceitunas, the beginning of this compnany goes back to several years before, when in the small grocery shop that his parents had in Calle Carretería in Málaga he broke the olives with his hands and a piece of wood. Since then until now, new machines have been added to the company and it has grown and adapted to industrial production but it has always preserved the traditional manufacturing procedures and the essence that has made them worthy of international prestige.

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Olives and pickles, from 400 gr to 10 kg.


Aceitunas Roldán, medio siglo entre aceitunas y encurtidos de calidad

En la trastienda de un pequeño ultramarinos que sus padres regentaban en la calle Carretería, en el corazón de Málaga, Manuel Roldán Campos comenzó su idilio con las aceitunas. Las partía a mano con un mazo de…