It is a family company that seasons and packs table olives and pickles, giving their clients an excelent value for money. For more than a decade, they have had a strong bet on the aloreña olive, its main product, and thanks to the producer and seasoner association, it has received the designation of origin of the Aloreña olive from Málaga.

The comany distributes this product with the brand Brabur. They have gradually grown over the years until becoming a strong company in te market that has incorporated the latest technology with new machines and without forgetting the training of their staff.

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Marcas, productos y servicios que comercializa

Broken aloreñas olives with protected designation of origin

Broken Padrón seasoned olives

Broken seasoned “Extras” olives

Broken seasoned “Primera” olives

Broken seasoned “Estándar” olives

Bravas olives

Chupadedos olives

Gordales olives stuffed with peppers

Broken gordales olives

Stoned gordales olives

Gordales olives with stone

Manzanilla olives with stone anchoive flavour

Laminated manzanilla olives

Manzanilla olives stuffed with garlics

Manzanilla olives stuffed with almonds

Stoned manzanilla olives

Cut purple olives


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